Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog Post 10

Morgan Bayda
I found Morgan Bayda's blog post something that I could relate to very much. I think it is sad that most students feel the same way that she did. Which is frustrated, frustrated that we have to sit in classrooms and feel that we are wasting our time. I will never forget the first class that I became a number to a teacher. I thought what does it matter if I come to class or not this person does not even want to take the time to learn my name. I was paying hundreds of dollars just to make sure I get a grade. It seemed to me that the teacher didn't care if we learned the topics or not. I don't understand why education can't use the tools of technology to make it more interesting, interactive, and overall cheaper. I thought Dan Brown's video made some great point as well. I agreed with most of what he was having to say except I would not have gone as far as to drop out of school. Like it or not companies now days like to see that piece of paper. I think it is sad though that the education system today would want to make even one person drop out.  I hope one day there can be a common ground with the world and education, especially sense I will be working in the education field. 

Tom Johnson's Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home!
solving a puzzle

I thought this was a funny and interesting post.  I think some times that we focus to much on the problem and not on the solution.  I think that is what this post was trying to get across.  When we are confronted with a problem we should try to work out a solution for it and not stress so much about the problem itself.  Who knows what could happen if you would work through something instead of focusing on the negative.  Like the post said the students could use the pencils to play hangman, and that helps with spelling.  Not only are the children having fun but they are practicing there spelling.  I hope when I am in the classroom one day that I try to work through a problem to find a solution instead of focusing solely in the problem.

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  1. Hey Shaska!
    I totally agree with you (and Morgan)about how frustrating it is to have a rude or sarcastic teacher, who just doesn't seem to care at all about there students. I understand if you have a ton of people in a class and can't learn everyones name, but if a teacher has a relatively small class and spends a decent amount of time with them, they should care enough to at least try and learn your name. I also agree with you about not going as far as too drop out of school. I may agree that college was getting in the way of his education, but I agree with you more about businesses like to see that piece of paper. We've all heard a million statistics about how college graduate make more money than those who aren't. It's not always the case, but probably a good 85%-90% of the time.

    P.S. I like your picture!
    Keep up the great blogging,