Tuesday, March 29, 2011

C4T #3

Teacher: Mr. Chase
Summary of Mr. Case's post on March 24, 2011 
In the the post "Not all ideas are sacred" Mr. Chase was writing about a local church being torn down and how most people found it sad simply because it was a church.  He wrote about how people felt that the church building was sacred.  He said though that he had passed by the building many times and thought of other things the building could be.  For him personally the ground was unconsecrated along time ago.  The reason he wrote about this is because he was sent a link to a web page talking about 20 technology skills every educator should have.  He agreed that the list was important but he didn't necessarily want to consecrate it.  Mr. Chase write that list like this sometimes become commandments.

I responded that I agreed that we should not be to quick to consecrate something.  I wrote that I read the link that he provided and couldn't help to realize that a lot if not all of those items on the list was things that I was learning to do in this class to become 21st century educators.  I said that I thought all of the items on the list was very valuable but more than likely that same list will change from year to year.  I thought is was important to know the things on the list but to also stay up to date with what technology has to offer us. 

Summary of Mr. Chase's post on March 27, 2011 
In the post "It's time to share the funny" Mr. Chase writes about how it is important for educators to still have fun and find thing funny.  He writes that it is important that we laugh.  He makes the point that we should not take things so seriously all of the time.  He writes about a time that he was on a volleyball team with his fellow colleagues and that he finally got the most unexpected person to laugh and how wonderful and funny the experience was.  He make the point to find the funny somewhere in your life because we will need it as educators.  His question is where do we find our funny?

I responded by writing that I really enjoyed this post because I think it is so important to laugh and have fun.  I wrote that I try to find the funny everywhere for example the things people say and do, a sign that I drive by, or simple a thought that pops into my head.  I made the point if we had fun and found things funny then we would probably have more interesting lessons and our students would get more out of our classes.  So I think it is a win win, we can have fun and still have great lessons.

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