Thursday, April 21, 2011

Comments4Kids Summary #3

Mr. McClung Lesson Two-Club Day:
In the lesson two-club day post Mr. McClung writes about the monthly Wii club meeting. He writes that at the beginning of the year they encourage all of the student to join a club. The club he is in charge of is the Wii club. On the day they meet they spend about thirty minutes hanging out and playing the Wii on the screen in the classroom. He likes that the clubs are in place because it give them a chance to have a nice break from there normal routine. He also thinks it gives them a chance to build on there student teacher relationships.
I responded to this post by writing that I thought that having a Wii club is a great idea. Not only does it get the kids up and moving but they are learning about technology at the same time. I also thought that it was good that there was an opportunity to build on the student teacher relationships. I thought the idea of this club would be great to have in place at any school.

In this sixth grade Egyptian class blog I read a post about the date January 25th, which is Police day also known as Protesting day in Egypt. The student writes about how they did not have school on this day, and how this was the day that the youth rose up with there decision for their country's benefit. They wrote about how the government did not allow access to any communication devices such as cell phones or internet. The writer goes on to say that on February 8 they got to attend their first day of class with live session on They said that most of the classmates enjoyed this style of learning over spending six hours at school.
I responded back by writing that I enjoyed reading their blog. I thought it was interesting to get see their point of view of what was going on in Egypt. I made the comment that I was unaware that the government cut off all communication devices. I asked if the decision had been changed or was it still in place. I also told them I thought it was an interesting idea that they can have there classes on I thought that they seemed to really enjoy it.
The writer responded back by informing me that the government did in fact allow access to communication devices again.

Ms. Yollis' 3rd Grade Class Blog:
I thought Mrs. Yollis' class bog was great. This blog page is so easy to navigate and there is not a lot of clutter on it. I really enjoyed her instructional videos on how to leave a comment and the tutorial of HTML codes. I think these could be beneficial to everyone not just her student. I also thought it was great to include and encourage family members to post onto the blog. Mrs. Yollis accomplishes this by assigning certain months family blogging months. I love this idea because it helps keep in touch with the family members and leaves and open line of communication between her and the parents. Looking through this class blog you could tell that the students are very involved and seem to enjoy all the different components of it. I was happy to get a chance to see a blog page of an elementary grade level. After this assignment I am more sure that one day I hope to have my own class blog.

Grace from Ms. Yollis' class:
In Grace's blog page she wrote about how to write a quality comment. She gave step-by-step instruction about the process. Grace wrote about how you should make a connection, leave a question in your post,  make sure to comment back, and finally to make sure you proof read your comment. She also used great illustrations throughout her post.

I responded to Grace by first thanking her for commenting on our class blog page. I wrote that I thought that they made some great points throughout there post. I made the comment that I hope to one day have a class blog page of my own. I asked for more information about how they earn student blogs. I continued to tell her that her post about how to write a quality comment was great. I told her that the things that she wrote about was things that I was learning about in EDM310. I wished her luck with her future blogging.
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