Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blog Post 14

1. I think that I missed the metaphor in Tom Johnson's post because I was taking the story to serious and literal. Once Dr. Strange pointed out that I missed the mark on this assignment I went back to reread it. I definitely noticed the metaphor this time around.
2. Some of the metaphors that I have encountered are "think outside of the box", "one sided", and "ace in the hole". A common metaphor we use in my family is "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". I have told myself to "go back to the drawing board" a couple of times. I was listening to a speaker a couple weeks ago and she used the metaphor "be the sunshine", I loved that saying. I have heard things like "you have a chip on your shoulder", "at the drop of a hat", and "a wild goose chase" just by simply listening to people talk to each other. I have realized that all of us use metaphors on a daily bases and my not even realize it. It seems metaphors are a part of our language.
3. Some things that we can do as educators to help our students to understand and to use metaphors would be to point out the metaphor when you say or read them. You could also acknowledge when the student says them aloud. We could encourage the students to use metaphors in there writing assignments and in conversations with others. I always looked at metaphors as something fun to learn. I think if you make the topic of metaphors non-intimidating to the students then they would be more edger to learn what they are an how to use them.
4. I think we use metaphors because they help us get our points across. A metaphor can help you communicate something with a lot of meaning in a couple of words. I think that we also use metaphors to make our writings and speech more interesting and lively to whoever is reading or listening. I think that metaphors are fun to use and I love it when I hear one that I have not heard before. So the question is why not use metaphors?

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