Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blog Post 12

Watch the video What is the next generation learning?(3mins 32sec). Write 2-3 paragraphs that answer the following questions. What are your thoughts on this video? Do you think this video portrays accurately what the next generation is learning? Would the things that were shown in this video be something that you would like to use in your own classroom one day? Do you think students today would prefer this style of teaching and learning over the more traditional out dated approach that we use today?

My Example:
I really enjoyed this video! I thought it was an eyeopener to see what we could actually do in the classroom with technology. In that particular school everything revolved around technology from there lunch menu to there homework assignments. I think that if schools were like this everywhere the options would be endless of what we could accomplish as teachers. I would love to use some of the things I saw in this video in my own classroom one day. I particularly liked the class answering questions as a whole using voting systems this can allow the teacher to see where the class stands on the topic and allows the more shy students to still have a voice in the classroom.
I think today's students would definitely prefer this style of teaching over how most schools and teachers teach today. Today students love to use technology anytime they can. It seemed in the video that the students were engaged and interested into what they were learning. I also think that parents would prefer this method as well. They could see exactly how there child is doing and what is going on in there school. This would mean no more signed progress reports and also would not allow the students to tell there parents that they have no homework because everything will be online for them to see at anytime. I hope that one day education goes more toward this direction.

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  1. Hello, Shaska.

    I'm your C4C blogger for this week. I enjoyed viewing the video that you posted.

    Like you, I like the voting systems. Our EDM310 team incorporated a voting system (SMART Response) in our SMART Board presentation. Here's a link if you'd like to know more.

    I really like the option of having laptops available for checkout. This meets the needs of children who don't have access at home and presents a positive solution to an obvious challenge.

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. 3rd sentence: What are your thoughts... (not is) 5th sentence: Would the things that were shown... (not was)! PROOFREAD what you write. You would not meet the 3rd grade rules of Mrs. Yollis!

    I only read the first paragraph. Someone else will leave a full comment.

  3. Dr. Strange,
    I must have overlooked those errors. Thank you for pointing them out for me. I will try not to make those mistakes again.

  4. You can go back and edit them Shaska! They are still there. We know how great you are, others don't. Correct your mistakes before they see.

    GREAT find though! I am logging onto the web-link from the end of the movie now. Unfortunately, I know for sure that Mobile Co has the ability to do most of what this boy advertised. We already have the voting equipment and none of the teachers I know are using it! We can make ourselves valuable by incorporating it into our class.