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Angela M. Rand

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Post done on November 7,2010 titled: Expert & Novice
In this post Ms. Rand is writing about how she became an expert in technology. She states that to be an expert you have to have ten years of experience or 10,000 hours in that particular field. She became an expert by being able to work with the things that she was learning about. She also wrote about how she had the desire to keep learning new things about the technology world. She points out that she was not particularly gifted in math and science, but through her friends teaching her she gained confidence. She makes the point that if you are passionate about something that you should seek out information about it even if their is no one there to help you. Ms. Rand gives the advise to surround yourself with other people who are passionate about the same things that you are.  This could help the learning process because they will be talking about the topics most of the time.
I responded to her post by writing that I thought it was great how passionate she was about something. I told her about how before EDM310 I did not know to much about technology. I have learned a lot in this class and I am still learning. I made the comment that now I don't only look up how to use technology for my assignments but just for fun as well. I agreed that I thought it would be a good idea to surround yourself with people who share the same interest. I thanked her for your post and her ideas.

Post done on January 26, 2011 title: Professional Motivation
In this post Ms. Rand is writing about what motivates her. She says that her main motivation is that she loves learning new things. She writes that it is her passion to read and learn new traits of all kinds. Ms. Rand says that she gets great satisfaction when she learns something new and teaches it to someone else. When that happens she feels that the circle as been completed. She goes on to write about how she has read that humans only use 10% of their brain and how she disagrees with that statement. She feels that she can make the effort to use more than 10% of her brain by always looking at learning as a positive thing and realize that she has not reached her full potential. She goes on to write about how sometimes things get rough. She says that when a mountain is blocking her path then there is usually an alternate way around it. She says that understanding her options means that she needs to learn more about the situation and then she can move on.
I responded to her post by writing that I thought that it is great that learning new things motivates her. I go on to say that I think for the most part everyone is like that. I think that as human beings we should always want to motivate ourselves to move forward not backward. I wished her luck on her learning journey and thanked her for her time.

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